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We believe strongly in the need for dynamic academics that engage students and encourage a love for learning. When a student enrolls at Alabama Clinical Schools, our academic staff thoroughly reviews transcripts in order to tailor the curriculum directly to the needs of the student. Within on month of arrival, each student takes a series of tests so that we can better understand his learning preferences and abilities. Tests are also administers every six months there after.

Alabama Clinical School’s academic program includes:

• A fully accredited curriculum
• The ability for students to earn a high school diploma or GED
• Special education services
• Summer Vocational classes

Students work at their own pace and level in classes that is suited to their needs and abilities. Alabama Clinical School’s daily schedule allows kids to not only earn academic credits but also focus on therapy and programming. Students also receive credits for Recreation Therapy and in the summer Vocational courses.



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Alabama Clinical Schools is owned and operated by a subsidiary of Universal Health Services. For more information on the company, visit www.uhsinc.com